• February 3, 2018
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thank you to the Friday Night Social League for sponsoring the band and subsidizing the club costs.

  1. We will be playing 2 – 8 end games which will determine points to your game total.
  2. You must finish your game within 2 hours! If you lollygag, you will miss the opportunity to finish.
  3. A win is worth 10 points and a tie 5 points. Ends are 1 point to a maximum of 6 and rocks are 1/4 point each to a maximum of 3 per game. Points for ends & rocks will count only for the first 6 ends. Ends 7& 8 count only for the win or tie. Consequently, you may concede the game after 6 ends. Please complete your score sheet promptly after each game and hand it in.
Agenda First Draw (Teams 1-16) Second Draw (Teams 17-32)
8:15 – 10:30am 1st Game
10:45am – 1pm Lunch(11:30am) 1st Game
1:30-3:30pm 2nd Game Lunch
4-6pm Break 2nd Game
6:30pm Prize Presentation
7:30pm Dinner
8:30pm Live Band “ZED”

Sign up at the bar with your payment. Curling with meals for the day is $60.00 per curler. Dinner & Dance cost is $35.00 per guest.  This event is open to all club curlers & their guests

Plan to arrive early to enjoy a coffee/tea & muffin and to line up to be “Piped On To the Ice”!

The band “ZED” will be entertaining us following dinner (8.30 pm). We hope you will dance.

Don’t forget about our prize donors. Please return their generosity by supporting their businesses! A very big THANK YOU goes to Michelle Goff & Jamie Vasey for coordinating the prizes. Thank you to ALL of those benefactors who participated in the Friday Night auction.

IF YOU DRINK…. DON’T DRIVE………….. Have fun……………………….