Open Social


Start Date: 06/10/2017

We are attempting to streamline things to run our Friday Night 6:15pm game as smoothly as possible.

Please arrive before 6:00pm to sign in with Lynn & Doug Williams.

The kitchen is trying their best to provide us with quality meals. I hope you plan to support our chef.
The club is stressing efficiency of play. This means that the first rock should be thrown at precisely 6:15pm. We are allowed one hour & fifty minutes for our 8 end games. We must never start another end after 8:05 pm.

Please be prepared with your calendar. We will try offering a “No-can-curl” list. There will be a binder at check-in where you can sign yourself out for holidays or dates where you know you will not be available. Lynn will pre-schedule the spares on our list. Those who cancel on short notice (less than one week) will be required to find their own spare and are responsible to contact Lynn Williams to advise who will be taking your We are trying to avoid collapsing the scheduled teams to allow everyone to play on a full team.

Non-member spares will be required to pay a spare fee of $15 to the bar. Club members will not pay to spare.
Tom & Marilyn Nolan will continue running the weekly 50/50 draw. The proceeds of this will pay for the Friday night table snacks. We are looking into enhancing the variety of snacks and will have fewer “Special Snack “nights.
Our Annual Fund Raising Auction will be held on Friday November 24 at 7:00pm. There will be a 6-end Jitney followed by our auction. The money raised is used to help support our annual Friday Nighters’ Open Bonspiel on Saturday February 3 and to enhance the Friday Night experience. I urge you to plan to make a contribution of something to donate toward this cause.

Points will be tallied throughout the season to determine who will be our Friday night champions. The final champions will be determined on Thursday April 12 during the “Night Of Champions” event where the 6:15pm champion curlers will meet the 8.30 Friday night curlers.

One of our Friday Nighters is having a special birthday, so is providing us with entertainment and special snacks on Friday October 27th. We hope you can stay for the party which will begin at 8.30 and continue until around 11.00 PM. Hugs and Handshakes welcome.

Please mark the following dates on your calendar:

December 15/2017
Series 2-6 ends & turkey toss @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

December 22/2017
Jitney @ 7.00pm Entertainment to follow

December 29/2017
Club Closed Christmas

January 1/2018
President/Vice President open event @ 12:30pm

January 5/2018
Series 3 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

January 12/2018
Series 3 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

January 19/2018
Series 3 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

January 26/2018
Series 3 @6:15 & 8.30 pm

February 2/2018
Series 4 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

February 3/2018
Open “Fun-Raising” Bonspiel-hosted by Friday night curlers. Draws at 8.15 & 10.45

*Sign up at the bar with your payment. Curling with meals for the day is $60.00 per curler. Dinner & Dance cost is $35.00 per guest.  This event is open to all club curlers & their guests

February 9/2018
Series 4 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

February 16/2018
Series 4 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

February 23/2018
Series 4 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

March 2/2018
Series 5 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

March 9/2018
Series 5 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

March 16/2018
Series 5 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

March 23/2018
Series 5 @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

March 30/2018
Club closed (Good Friday)

April 6/2018
Play-offs & Jitney @ 6:15 & 8.30 pm

April 12/2018
Night of Champions – 6:15pm winners vs 8:15pm winners (hosted by GCC) time to be announced

April 13/2018
Final night of curling
Jitney @ 7pm

If you have questions call me at 519-763-0202. Thank you. Sally Whittle