Open Team


Start Date: 24/09/2018


Welcome to the 2018-19 Monday Open season! Below you will find schedules, standings and league rules.

Have a great season!

– Andrew, Erin and Willy (your self-described incredible league coordinator team).

Schedules and Standings

Round 1



Round 2



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League Rules

  • Games are at 6:00 or 8:15 and are eight ends.
  • Ties are permitted.
  • We are playing with the 5-guard rule beginning this season (even though you may have informally played with it for years!).
  • Wins in the A Division are worth 3 points, wins in the B Division are worth 2 points, wins in the C Division are worth 1 point.
  • At the end of each round, the bottom two teams in the A/B Division (one per group) will switch places with the top two teams in the B/C Division (one per group) respectively.
  • No new end may begin after 7:50 or 10:05.