Allison Singh

Member Monday is a new initiative of the Guelph Curling Club to get to know your fellow members and maybe evenĀ find some common ground or business opportunities.

In week 1 of this new Member Monday segment, we meet Allison Singh, current President of the Guelph Curling Club. Allison has been a member of the club for 13 years and met with us to provide some insight into her life.

What do you like most about being a member of the Guelph Curling Club?
What makes a curling club great is the people. Being a larger facility means we are able to have more people in the club at one time and that brings such great energy to all of our events and regular leagues. I think people enjoy coming to bonspiels and tournaments at our club because of our amazing volunteers and that makes me proud to be a member of GCC.

What is your favourite thing about curling?
This is tough to answer because there are so many things. I love the social aspect of the sport and the practice of sitting with the other team after the game. I also love that it is both a physical and mental game. The strategy is what keeps playing interesting because every game goes a little differently. I love that curling is a sport you can do from when you are young to very old. Also for me, curling is a family interest that keeps us close and connected to each other.

What is the biggest thing you have taken away from your time as President of the club?
First of all, before joining the club board, I had never been on a board before so the biggest thing I have learned is just about how the board works and functions. As President, I have been able to work closely with the other board members and see what they do on their specific portfolios. We are lucky to have really knowledgeable people on the board who are experts in their areas and I have learned so much from them. Through some of the specific projects I have worked on, I have learned about things I would not otherwise had a chance to, like hiring a general manager! I’ve also been able to interact more closely with members and I have seen what amazing, intelligent, fun, and thoughtful people we have here. I am truly grateful for the experiences I have had on the board.

What is your profession away from the club?
I am a Psychologist and work in a group private practice, Insight Psychology on Norfolk, in downtown Guelph. My area of specialty is completing assessments with children and adolescents for issues with learning, mental health, attention and behavioural challenges. I also do therapy with individuals from school-aged up to adults. Unfortunately, the pandemic increased the already high need for our services and the waitlists at our clinic are quite long.

What is one thing that people would find interesting about you?
Something that some people find interesting about me is that my husband is West Indian and when we got married, we had two ceremonies; a traditional Hindu one and a traditional North American style. The Hindu culture is really beautiful and I feel grateful that I get to experience it up close.

Is there an interest/hobby of yours that you enjoy outside of curling?
Outside of curling I enjoy fitness classes, reading, and being outdoors. As a teenager, I worked as a canoeing instructor at summer camp so I enjoy being on the water whenever I get the chance.