Open Team


Start Date: 30/09/2019


Welcome to the 2019-2020 Monday Open season!

Teams in this league can be made up of any combination of male and female players.  Teams are divided into “flights” and move up and down through the flights based on win/loss record each round.  The league accepts “team only” entries.  If you’re interested in playing in this league and don’t have a team, please contact the club.  There may be a team looking for an extra player!

We are currently waiting for final registrations to come in.  Once we have the final list of teams, a schedule will be emailed out to teams and posted  here.

Stay tuned and have a great season!

–  Erin and Willy

Schedules and Standings

Round 1




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League Rules

  • Games are at 6:00 or 8:15 and are eight ends.
  • Ties are permitted.
  • We are playing with the 5-guard rule beginning this season (even though you may have informally played with it for years!).
  • Wins in the A Division are worth 4 points, wins in the B Division are worth 3 points, wins in the C Division are worth 2 points and wins in the D Division are worth 1 point.
  • At the end of each round, the bottom three teams in the A/B/C divisions will switch places with the top three teams in the B/C/D divisions respectively.
  • No new end may begin after 7:50 or 10:05.

No curl dates:

  • Monday, October 14 (Thanksgiving)
  • Monday, December 23 and 30 (Christmas break)